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Porsche Data Guide

A listing of all the popular modern Porsches
by Peter Morgan

To help you sift through the early stages of understanding what Porsche you want to buy, here are the basic specifications of the most popular Porsche models.

The dates given here refer to a particular model’s availability in the UK. The dates refer to the auto industry’s model years (which run from August to July). This isn’t an exhaustive listing, but is intended to give you an overview of the popular models.

There are Ultimate Buyers’ Guides available covering many of the types given here. These guides go into considerable detail to advise on the specific variations, colours, options and what to look for and what goes wrong with used examples. These books are available through www.pmmbooks.com.

All photos for this free, online publication are reproduced with thanks to Porsche AG, but please note this website is independent of Porsche AG and all the non-technical information given here is based on Peter Morgan Consulting Ltd data, with no liability to any third parties for any reasons. The text data is copyright to Peter Morgan Consulting Ltd and may not be reproduced in any form without our permission.



28 March 2008