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Porsche project management

Bespoke project management service

One to one management for restoration

This service is aimed at the discerning buyer who wants a project management service for the sourcing and restoration of any post-1965 Porsche, or needs expert advice while in the decision making or conception stage of a Porsche project. This service is ideal for those whose time is either restricted by professional commitments or by location. 

Whether itís a 1973 Carrera RS, a 1965 911 or a modern recreation, Peter Morgan will offer his considerable expertise and guidance in your quest to own a significant part of Porsche history.

Project manager

Peter Morgan has a degree in mechanical engineering and an early background as a project manager in the engineering industry. Aside from an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Porsche cars, he has nearly 30 years experience and knowledge of the independent Porsche specialist network in the UK. In 1987 he wrote his first book, Porsche 911 Guide to Purchase and restoration, based on his experiences restoring a 1972 911S (which he still owns). His books Original Porsche 911 and Original Porsche 924, 944 and 968 are acknowledged as the definitive specification books within the classic Porsche world.


The objective of this service is to turn ambition into reality. I can act as a sounding board for your ideas and help turn your concepts into a workable specification against which selected specialists can quote. By approaching vendors with a defined request for quote, the project becomes entirely manageable with there is less opportunity for cost surprises. 

I can help ensure that your budget and objectives are matched to achieving the right value for money and a result within a sensible timescale. You may wish to buy the car (or already own it), it might be a tired old campaigner or a 'basket case'. I can propose suitable restorers and manage the restoration to the point where you can drive the car away. 

Each restoration is unique and demands different priorities and solutions. Nevertheless, for effective cost and quality control and appropriate detailing on the car to maximise your investment, there is no substitute for expert project management.

Communication, costs and reporting

We specialise in complete discretion and if you wish, are able to act as sole contact to the seller or to the restorer. That said, part of the fun of regenerating an old Porsche is your being able to be involved in the process! 

My time on project management is costed simply at £60+VAT/hour. We ask for a £300+VAT deposit up front and deduct the hourly rate from this, submitting a timesheet to you approximately every two or four weeks. Once the deposit balance is exhausted, and with your approval, we continue to submit the timesheets, deducting further amounts as required (again on your further approval). This fee includes all office time, meetings (face to face and telephone) and travelling. 

A typical restoration management cost will cost around £5-600+VAT.

If you would like to know more about this service, please call Peter 
on +44 1672 514038 (8.30am to 6.00pm weekdays, 8.30am to 12.30pm Saturdays), 
or email: peter@petermorgan.org.uk