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Porsche Valuations

Peter Morgan can provide ‘agreed value’ independent Porsche valuations for insurance or probate purposes. The valuation is available for all Porsche types (excluding racing cars) either as a result of our comprehensive pre-purchase inspection data, or by post using data supplied by you.

One of the most important items that any owner must address, both before and during Porsche ownership, is ensuring the insurance company accept an agree value on the car in the event of total loss.

I provide a valuation service for Porsches (excluding racing cars), based either on the results of my comprehensive pre-purchase inspection or on the evidence provided by you.

 To provide a valuation by mail, I will require seven photographs of the car as follows:

Front, both sides, rear, engine bay, luggage bay, interior. The photographs can be low resolution digital and sent me by e-mail (we have broadband), or alternatively, you can send me a CD or hardcopy prints.

 I will also require the following:

  • Vehicle registration number
  • Chassis number (on the V5)
  • Engine number (on the V5)
  • Date of first registration (on V5)
  • Mileage reading
  • Colour
  • Your estimate of the condition of the following, with any notes regarding improvements, modifications, restoration, etc
  • Bodyshell
  • Engine
  • Transmission
  • Suspension and steering
  • Interior
  • Brakes, wheels and tyres
  • One page summary of service history
  • Any other special notes regarding the car
  • The estimate of the car’s value as expected by you

Valuations are provided on a ‘face value’ basis and that there is no attempt by the person requesting the information to conceal or falsify the vehicle information or condition. We accept no liability for any loss resulting directly or indirectly from the valuation information provided.  The valuation is not a guarantee of the vehicle’s market trade or retail value and will only be valid for a maximum period of twelve months

The valuation cost is £25+VAT.

Postal valuations can normally be turned around in 2-3 days.
Contact Peter Morgan to discuss a valuation
If you wish to talk to me in more detail about any aspect of this service, please call me on 01672 514038 (8.30am to 6.00pm weekdays, 8.30am to 12.30pm Saturdays),
or email valuation@petermorgan.org.uk.